Mobile phones have become the latest weapon used by bullies.

Bullying can really hurt you so you must get help right away or it will go on and on. You cannot handle any type of bullying alone.

If you get bullying or nasty or uncomfortable text messages or phone calls, here is what you can do:

  • Do not ignore any threats, either by phone or text message. You need to do something.
  • Do not talk to the bully, that is what they want you to do. Do not ring them up, or answer them or send them a message. If yo do, they will think you are intimidated by them. It is better not to answer.
  • Do not delete the message or phone number. The adult who will help you will need that to find out who is sending you the message.
  • If it is a phone call, write down in a diary, who is doing it, what they said and the date and time they do it.
  • Get help from a trusted parent or caregiver right away.

Get help immediately from a trusted parent – even adults cannot handle bullying by themselves.

Know that the threats, accusation, allegations, criticisms and uncomfortable messages have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with you. Every nasty word is an admission by the bully about themselves. The most common reason for bullying are the bullies themselves feel rejected and jealous but what they do is not acceptable.

You probably will know the person who is sending you abusive or uncomfortable text messages or calls. Think through the list of "friends" and family and ask yourself who might be doing this. You might be surprised at how close this person is to you or how well you know them. Talk this over with your trusted adult.

Remember, if the first adult you tell does not help you, go to another one until you find someone who will. Bullying is not acceptable.

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