Good Touching

Sometimes people touch our bodies in ways we like such as when a friend or relative holds our hand. Good touching makes you feel good about yourself.

We all need to have good touching. Most families show true love by comfortable cuddles, kisses and kind touching.

Bad Touching

People can also touch us in ways we don’t like. For instance, if someone pushes us or hits us or touches us in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable or yuck.

Bad touching is when someone touches your private parts or touches you in any way when they know you do not like it.

Bad touching is:

  • Uncomfortable cuddles
  • Yucky kissing.
  • Touching someone’s private parts.
  • Touching when the person knows they do not like it
  • Touching done in secret or in a secret place

Your body belongs to you. If anyone touches you in a bad way or in a way you don’t like you can say ‘NO!

Even if the person is an adult or someone you know, you can say ‘NO!

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