If you are walking down the street and someone begins to follow you, go into a shop or a place where there are lots of people and ask for help.


It is best to go to the counter of the shop and talk to a shop-keeper.

If someone you do not know very well or not at all, offers you a ride in their car, stay away from the car. Do not get in the car.

  • Say ‘NO!’
  • Run away
  • and tell an adult about the incident.

If someone tries to grab you, scream loudly something like this, “This is not my parent.” You should and kick and make a heap of noise.

Even if they say your parents want you to go with them, never get into the car of a stranger.

Your parents would never ask a stranger to pick you up.

Talk to your parents about a code word they can use if they even ask a friend to pick you up. If they do not use that code word, then do not get into the car.

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